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About 3B
"3B BlackBio Biotech India Ltd", an emerging Indo-Spanish company, grows with the mission of facilitating a wide array of genomic and proteomic technologies for the development of manufacturing & marketing of High-Quality molecular biology products, services and integral solutions for the clinical diagnostics, Pharma, R&D and Agro-food sectors in India. Supported by a leading and highly innovative R&D portfolio, it also intends to improve and provide customized solutions by cooperating closely with leading National and Global companies, hospitals and R&D centers.

All our products are manufactured in clean room of Class 10000, Equivalent to ISO 4 facilities, a prerequisite for GMP compliant.

Our aim is to guarantee the highest quality standards, as well as providing the best customer support based on our working philosophy:
  • We work closely with our customers in order to understand their needs and provide appropriate, cost competitive and high quality products.
  • We establish partnership and close relationships with hospitals, pharma & biotech companies, as well as academic and research institutions, with intent to promote the development of products and integral solutions according to market needs and expectations.
  • Our Quality assurance systems are purely based on GMP & guarantee batch to batch reproducibility.
  • Our primary objective is to become one of the leading Biotechnology company providing high-quality and cost competitive integral solutions for the diagnostic, pharmaceutical and R&D sectors .
One of our promoter company M/s. 2B BlackBio S.L. Spain, develops and markets new solutions for personalized medicine based on genetics, genomics and proteomics (one international patent and five patents pending)

Our another promoter company M/s. Biotools B&M Labs, Spain, an European biotechnology company with global presence, Since in 1996, has been one of the leading and most successful company in developing Molecular Biology Reagents, kits for Molecular Diagnosis, and recently has incorporated an innovative line of Microarray Products.

Our website will help you to find all the information regarding our products, technologies, as well as news related to events, trade fairs, seminars and workshops where 3B BlackBio Biotech India Ltd will participate directly or through its partners.
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