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Equipments End Point Cycle

End-Points Thermal Cycle

MyGeneTM Series Peltier-base Thermal Cycler

DetailedDescription Ideal for Daily PCR Amplification

The MG-96+thermal cycler is a high performance laboratory instrument using the mostadvanced PELTIER technology, shipped with a universal block for all yourapplications.



  • All MyGeneTM Series thermal cyclers are engineered for durability and multiple applications.
  • Innovative 2-in-1 combi-block for both 0.2 ml tubes and 0.5 ml tubes.
  • Compact and lightweight.

  Order Information

TigerBlock MG 25+

Peltier-base Thermal Cycler (25wells ´ 0.2ml +16wells ´ 0.5ml, with hot lid)


TigerBlock MG 48+

Peltier-base Thermal Cycler (48wells ´ 0.2ml + 48wells ´ 0.5ml, with hot lid)


TigerBlock MG 96+

Peltier-base Thermal Cycler (96wells ´ 0.2ml + 77wells ´ 0.5ml, with hot lid)


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