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Customer Services

3B BlackBio Biotech offers a wide range of custom services from sample isolation to Microsequencing

We provide our customers by Excellence & Expertise Manpower, thanks to our Innovative production and research facilities complying fully with latest GMP Standards.
We also avail to support contract researches/Projects to provide our services to a variety of regulated industrial sectors including Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Agfood companies, as well as R&D Centres, Clinical Trial Providers in fields ranging from basic R&D projects to companion diagnostics or nutrigenomics.
We do serve our customers in :

    * Sample Isolation
    * DNA & RNA Extraction
    * PCR Services for Research & Diagnostic Purposes.
    * Companion Diagnostic tests for better Reliability, availability and accessibility with Pharmaceutical companies.
    * Critical referral tests such as Tuberculosis (Resistance), HIV, HPV and Hepatitis Testing etc.
    * Human Genetic Tests
    * Prognostic Tests
    * Bacterial Identification by Microsequencing
    * Fungal (clinical pathogens) Identification by Microsequencing
    * Services required for Clinical and Genomic Laboratories
    * Processing of Bulk clinical samples for dissertation/ thesis
    * Assistance in quality collection & transportation of clinical samples for multicentric PCR studies
    * qRT-PCR Assays

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