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Quality System Support

Quality System Overview

3B’s greatest asset is adherence to TQM policy for manufacturing of quality products & services for  our valuable customers. Ensuring quality in each step of the process is the most important guiding factor for all our employees. We follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), GLP ( Good Laboratory Practices) and documentation practices to ensure the consistency  in the quality of the products with  batch-to-batch reproducibility. Our state-of-art Quality Control is performed by highly competent and well- trained personnel. The facility for GMP complaint clean room of  ISO class 7 to monitor and maintain the  quality  of  all our products, processes and services.
We reaffirm our commitment for producing and supplying consistent quality products every time through:
1. Strict adheres to the SOP in each & every step involved from manufacturing to Despatch.
2. QC checks by highly-skilled professionals in India and in concurrence from Spain at all the major stages of production and also the samples of each and every batch are retained till full shelf life.
3. We ensure personnel validation through training and evaluation.
4. We work constantly in  improving of technologies, work processes and measurements wheresoever it demands.
5. We actively participate in quality sessions and training, in setting quality targets and reviewing performance.
We raise-up with enlighten thought of  making us with  eco-conscious organization, we ensure ourselves that our products are developed in an environment-friendly manner and do not cause any harmful effects to the environment.
We are also in the process of implementing ISO 9001:2000 certification  and GMP certification - setting standards for TQM (Total Quality Management).

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