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Qualitative detection of HLA-B27 allele 

TRUPCR HLA-B27 Qualitative Kit is a Real-Time Amplification test for the qualitative detection of HLA-B27 allele in human serum or plasma. It is based on amplification of the allelic gene region by primer and probes specific for HLA-B27. In this kit there are two independent reactions running in parallel in each tube: the first detects HLA-B27 (FAM channel), second detects internal control (HEX channel) which allows excluding unreliable results.

Three of the most fashionable methods for determination of HLA antigens in clinical and research laboratories are microlymphocytotoxicity (MLCT), flowcytometry and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) but DNA testing by PCR for detection of HLA B27 is extremely accurate and considered the gold standard.

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TRUPCR HLA B27 Kit 48 RXN 3B247.1
TRUPCR HLA B27 Kit 96 RXN 3B247.2
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