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TRUPCR Rifampicin Resistant MTB Kit

The emergence and spread of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) is threatening to destabilize global tuberculosis control. The prevalence of MDR-TB is increasing throughout the world both among new tuberculosis cases as well as among previously treated ones. Rifampicin resistance detection has been proposed as a surrogate molecular marker for MDR-TB. TRUPCR Rifampicin Resistance MTB Detection Kit is an In vitro diagnostics assay that utilizes real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification of nucleic acids for detection of mutation in the hot spot region of rpoB gene in M. tuberculosis complex among human clinical samples.
Unique Features
  • TRUPCR Rifampicin resistance assay with its patented design, offers an exclusive feature to detect the presence of M. tuberculosis complex by targeting a widely accepted gene target in addition to rpoB gene. This results in increased sensitivity for the detection of M. tuberculosis complex of up to 10 CFU and avoids frequently observed false negative results for paucibacillary samples due to limited sensitivity of rpoB gene.
  • TRUPCR Rifampicin resistance assay is designed to simultaneously detect all the known mutations in 81 base pair region of rpoB gene; in addition, the assay is designed to detect any unknown mutations as well.
Advantages and Benefits
  • Easy workflow with quick analysis. Single step extraction followed by real-time PCR. Multiple steps, involving dedicated PCR or strips based analysis is not required. No special personnel training required
  • Open system; no need for any special consumables like tubes or cartridges or a dedicated real-time PCR instrument. It works with routine molecular lab set-up and most of the existing real-time PCR instruments
  • Cost effective; works with routine column based extraction systems with standardized protocols
  • Validated on pulmonary & various extra pulmonary samples
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TRUPCR Rifampicin Resistant MTB Kit 48 Rxn 3B1281
TRUPCR Rifampicin Resistant MTB Kit 96 Rxn 3B1282
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