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HotSplit DNA Polymerase Download Manual

3B HotSplit DNA Polymerase is ideal for “hot start” amplification of DNA fragments with improved specificity over our conventional DNA Polymerase. It uses thermolabile blocking groups that act over the amino-acid residues involved in enzyme polymerization. During the PCR initial denaturation step, the blocking groups are released and the active DNA Polymerase is available into the reaction.

The enzyme improves PCR specificity by preventing the extension of non-specifically bound primers during the reaction setup and the first heating cycle. Thus, it prevents the formation of primer-dimers.

3B  Hot Split DNA Polymerase is ideal when using robotic PCR systems that include incubations at room temperature prior to temperature cycling. This enzyme has applications in:

  • Improved specificity and yields of PCR compared to conventional DNA Polymerase
  • Amplification of PCR products of up to 5 kd
  • Reduced error rates (1 - 10 x 10-6)


  • Prevents the formation of primer-dimers
  • Reduces non-specific amplification and primer degradation
  • The enzyme is inactive at room temperature, and the activity is recovered by a 5-min  incubation step at    95 °C
  • Increased specificity

3B HotSplit DNA Polymerase (1U/µl) is supplied with a 10 X Reaction Buffer MgCl2 Free plus a separate tube of MgCl2 for optimising the magnesium concentration.

Ordering Information
ProductFormatCat No. 
3B Hot Split DNA Polymerase (1U/µl) 250 U 3B041
3B Hot Split DNA Polymerase (1U/µl) 500 U 3B042
3B Hot Split DNA Polymerase (1U/µl) 1000 U 3B043
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