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DNA Polymerase Gel Form Download Manual

We have developed a new PCR product using one of its international patents: GELEFICATION. The Process is simple and in less than 10 minutes you have your 96 PCR/ qPCR reaction running

3B  DNA Polymerase Gel Form and the gelified mix reagents can be stored at 4 °C respectively for long periods of time. The Ready-to-Use format minimizes risk of contaminations, while promoting rapid sample processing ideal for routine applications.
This enzyme is a recombinant DNA Polymerase from Thermus sp. and cloned in E. coli, with both 5’-3’ polymerase and 5’-3’ exonuclease activities, and reduced error rates (1 - 10x 10-6). Thermostable enzyme perfect for routine amplifications including:

  • Amplification of PCR products of up to 5 Kd
  • Colony screening
  • Recombinant cDNA construction
  • Genotyping
  • Routine DNA amplifications

3B DNA Polymerase Gel Form is available in Vials (2 U/vial) and in 96 well Plates (2 U/well).

Ordering Information
ProductFormatCat No. 
3B DNA Polymerase Gel Form p96 Plates (2U/well) 10 plates 3B074
3B DNA Polymerase Gel Form p96 Plates (2U/well) 20 plates 3B075
3B DNA Polymerase Gel Form Vials –12x8 strip vials (2U/vial) 96 vials 3B078
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