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Kit for Complex Amplifications Download Manual

Certamp kits include an exclusive combination of proof-reading and non-proofreading DNA Polymerases, together with cofactors and an enhancing buffer to increase the overall yield of long and/or difficult amplification reactions.

The enzyme mix maintains maximum efficiency while keeping the lowest error rate, as the low processivity of proofreading enzymes is compensated by the high processivity of non-proofreading enzymes.

Certamp kit for Complex Amplifications is suitable for:

  • Amplification of GC rich templates (of up to 8 kd)
  • Amplification of templates with secondary structures
  • Amplification of DNA for cloning

Certamp kit for Complex Amplifications is provided with Certamp Enzyme Mix, buffer (10X Certamp Complex Buffer MgCl2 Free), and 50 mM MgCl2.

Ordering Information
ProductFormatCat No. 
Certamp kit for Complex Amplifications 500 rxn 3B086
Certamp kit for Complex Amplifications 250 rxn 3B085
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