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Quantimix Hotsplit Easy kit Download Manual

QUANTIMIX HOTSPLIT EASY KIT has been optimised to deliver maximum efficiency, precision, and sensitivity during nucleic acid amplification in real time using Chromofy Dye as intercalating dye.

The kit includes a chemically modified version of 3B DNA Polymerase (3B HotSplit DNA Polymerase), which presents little or no activity at low temperatures and provides greater specificity and Real time detection of amplified products is performed by monitoring the increase of fluorescence after each amplification cycle.

In QUANTIMIX HOTSPLIT EASY Kit the fluorescent signal is generated by the incorporation of Chromofy to the amplified products. In the exponential phase of the amplification there is a correlation between the amount of product and the initial template DNA. Thus, the amount of fluorescence is proportional to the amplified DNA in each cycle.

The dye used with the Quantimix HotSplit Easy Kit, Chromofy, is a monomeric cyanine dye that shows a very strong fluorescence increase when bound to dsDNA and it has absorbance and emission wavelengths suitable for the FAM/SYBR channel on most common real-time PCR instrumentation.

QUANTIMIX HOTSPLIT EASY KIT is a ready-to-use 2X Master Mix (QUANTISPLIT), which includes all reaction components except template, primers.

·         QUANTISPLIT: It is a 2X ready-to-use solution that contains all necessary components for real time amplification assays: 3B BlackBio biotech DNA Polymerase, all four dNTPs, Reaction Buffer, and MgCl2 is also included at the appropriate concentration (4mM).

·         Chromofy: It is supplied as a stock solution in DMSO.

·         qPCR Astringent: Used for specific real-time PCR assays, to increase the sensitivity of qPCRs.

·         50 mM MgCl2 Solution: Used only for specific real time assays which require an additional optimization.

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