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Quantimix Easy HRM kit Download Manual

HRM is a simple and cost effective way to characterize the sequence of amplification products with no requirement for post-PCR processing. The basis of the HRM assays is the characteristic “melting behavior” of a particular DNA sample.

Real Time thermocyclers with the capacity for HRM analysis enable the precise characterization of biological samples based on sequence length, GC content and/or DNA sequence heterogeneity. Therefore slight changes in sequence (for example class IV A/T SNPs) can be distinguished between samples (See Figure).

HRM is applicable, but not limited, to the following analyses:

  • Detection of single base sequence variations (e.g. SNPs)
  • Mutation discovery
  • DNA mapping
  • Identification of candidate predisposition genes
  • Detect somatic mutations with a sensitivity of up to 3%
  • Quantitative  levels of transformed tissue.
  • DNA methylation analysis
  • Allelic prevalence
  • HLA compatibility typing
  • Species identification

HRM is made possible not only by specialized instrumentation and software, but also by the introduction of third generation fluorescent dsDNA dyes. Third generation dyes such as BEBO (TATAA Biocenter) have been successfully used for HRM analysis. These dyes exhibit low toxicity in an amplification reaction and can therefore be used at higher concentrations for greater saturation of the dsDNA sample. BEBO dye binds the minor groove of double-stranded DNA, and exhibits a strong fluorescence increase when it is in the dsDNA-bound form. It does not interfere with the PCR reaction.

Quantimix Easy HRM kit (with BEBO dsDNA binding dye)


3B BlackBioBiotech  Quantimix Easy HRM kit, which uses High Resolution Melting Analysis, is an easy-to-use master mix for the amplification and detection of DNA sequences by their dissociation profile using BEBO dye.

BEBO has absorbance and emission wavelengths that can be detected on the FAM/SYG channel. The kit enables the detection of sequence variants among samples and it is suitable for most HRM platforms.

Quantimix Easy HRM kit is provided with QuantiHRM mix (3B BlackBioBiotech  DNA Polymerase, dNTPs, and optimised Reaction Buffer with MgCl2), BEBO dye and a separate tube of 50 mM MgCl2 for additional optimisation.

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Quantimix Easy HRM kit 100 rxn 3B115
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