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RetroTools TwoStep kit Download Manual

The RetroTools® TwoStep kit is a TwoStep RT-PCR method which includes a recombinant thermostable Tth cDNA/DNA Polymerase. The Tth enzyme exhibits both DNA polymerase and retro-transcriptase activity.

The ability of the Tth enzyme to reverse transcribe at elevated temperatures minimises the problems encountered with strong secondary structures in RNA. Higher reaction temperatures also result in increased specificity of primer hybridization and extension.

The kit is applicable, but not limited to, the following analyses:

  • Amplification of RNAs containing GC-rich regions
  • Amplification of RNAs with high degree of secondary structure 111
RetroTools® TwoStep kit is provided with RetroTools® Polymerase (Tth cDNA/DNA Polymerase), RT Buffer, MnCl2, dNTPs, Reaction Buffer MgCl2 Free, and 50 mM MgCl2, in a separate tube.
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RetroTools® Two Step KIT with DNA-Amplification Buffer with MgCl2 100 rxn 3B124
RetroTools® Two Step KIT with DNA-Amplification Buffer MgCl2 FREE 500 rxn 3B125
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