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High ScripTools-Quantmix Easy Kit Download Manual

High Scriptools-Quantimix Easy Kit is a novel real-time RT-PCR system for the quantification of specific sequences within an RNA sample. This one-step, two-enzyme system uses High SQ Retrotrascriptase and 3B HotSplit DNA Polymerase for quantification of any type of RNA sample.

The kit has been designed to deliver maximum efficiency, precision and sensitivity of quantitative RT-PCR with intercalating fluorophores. For these purpose two high-performance enzymes, a thermostable reverse transcriptase and a DNA polymerase with hot start activity, carry out reactions. Both  cDNA synthesis and PCR are performed sequentially in a single tube due to a single buffer system formulated to ensure specific primer annealing.

The real time detection of amplified products is performed by monitoring the increase of fluorescence after each amplification cycle. The fluorescent signal is generated by the incorporation of some intercalating fluorophore.

High Scriptools-Quantimix Easy Kit provides a convenient and fast procedure, one step only, for synthesizing cDNA and DNA amplification in real time. All reagents necessary for both reactions are added in one tube at the same time which confers a rapid and easy-to-handle format saving manipulation time and reducing contamination risks without compromising the efficiency or sensitivity of the kit. To use it simply add to a vial containing the prepared Master Mix, the fluorophore, desired primers, and RNA template.

The system contains sufficient reagent for a number of one-tube RT-PCR reactions of 50µl each.


·        High SQ Master Mix: An easy and convenient 2X Master Mix formulated to setting up one-tube real-time RT-PCR. The mixture includes: 3B HotSplit DNA Polymerase, dNTPs, MgSO4, and Reaction Buffer.

·        High SQ Retrotranscriptase: A new RNase H minus, thermostable reverse transcriptase which exhibits high affinity for RNA and works in a higher range of temperature than most commercially retrotranscriptases. The RT enzyme is provided in a separate tube.

·        qPCR Astringent: Used for specific real-time RT-PCR assays, to increase the sensitivity of RT-PCRs.

·        100 mM MgSO4 Solution: Used only for assays which require an additional optimisation.
The intercalating fluorophore is not provided with the kit.

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High Scriptools-Quantimix Easy Kit 100 rxn 3B131
High Scriptools-Quantimix Easy Kit 500 rxn 3B132
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