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Test Overview

The BCR-ABL1 Detection Kit is intended for the qualitative detection of BCR-ABL1 fusion gene (Major-BCR, minor-BCR, and micro -BCR) in bone marrow or peripheral blood samples using real time PCR system. The kit is based on reverse transcription of total RNA, followed by real-time PCR amplification and detection of BCR-ABL1 (e13a2, e14a2 or e1a2 or e19a2) fusion transcripts and the ABL transcript.

Principle and Procedure:

TRUPCR® BCR-ABL1 detection is a Real-Time amplification test for the detection of BCR-ABL1 e13a2, e14a2, e1a2 and e19a2 fusion transcripts in bone marrow or peripheral blood samples. It has two-step protocol in which total RNA is reverse-transcribed, and the generated cDNA is amplified by PCR using a pair of specific primers and a specific internal double-dye probe of BCR-ABL1 (Major, Minor and Micro) and ABL1.
To control sample quality, RNA extraction process and RT-PCR process the kit uses the RNA detection of the gene for human ABL. Amplification of this control RNA is visualized in the FAM channel in a separate tube. This detection technology of the naturally occurring human RNA provides control of the whole diagnostic process, i.e. sample quality (sample RNA degradation), RNA extraction efficiency, reverse-transcription step efficiency and PCR amplification efficiency (PCR inhibition).

Key Features:

  • Detection and differentiation of all three Major, Minor and Micro transcripts.
  • All inclusive kit: The Assay includes cDNA preparation components and all the PCR components including PCR Pre-mix / mastermix for optimized results. No need to standardize your own cDNA prep which may lead to variability in the results.
  • Detection up to 1 copies of BCR ABL1 transcript.

Ordering Information:

3B1205 TRUPCR® BCR-ABL Qualitative Kit – Major, Minor & Micro 24 Reactions
3B1206 TRUPCR® BCR-ABL Qualitative Kit – Major, Minor & Micro 48 Reactions
3B1203 TRUPCR® BCR-ABL Qualitative Kit– Major & Minor 24 Reactions
3B1204 TRUPCR® BCR-ABL Qualitative Kit– Major & Minor 48 Reactions
3B1201 TRUPCR® BCR-ABL Qualitative Kit– Major 24 Reactions
3B1202 TRUPCR® BCR-ABL Qualitative Kit – Major 48 Reactions
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