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TRUPCR® HPV 16 & 18 Detection Kit

The TRUPCR® HPV 16 & 18 Detection Kit is a qualitative real time PCR kit which amplifies and detects HPV 16 & 18 DNA in cervical cells collected in liquid media. HPV infections are among the most common sexually transmitted infections. Most HPV infections have a benign clinical consequence and are cleared spontaneously. However, persistent HPV infection may result in progression to cervical cancer.

The TRUPCR® HPV 16 & 18 Detection Kit is based on amplification of conserved region by primer and probes specific for HPV 16 & 18. The detection is achieved using fluorescent probes labelled with FAM and HEX. In this kit there are three independent reactions running in parallel in two tubes: the first detects HPV 16 (FAM channel), and internal control (IC) DNA (Texas Red) which allows excluding unreliable results and second detects HPV 18 (HEX channel).

Key Features:

  • Higher sensitivity and specificity.
  • Extensively validated on Indian clinical samples.
  • Extraction control included to avoid false-negative results.
  • Rapid, more reliable, comprehensive and cost-effective tests.
  • Easy work flow & compatible with various Real Time PCR instruments.

Ordering Information:

3B1276 TRUPCR® HPV 16 & 18 Detection Kit 48 Rxns
3B1277 TRUPCR® HPV 16 & 18 Detection Kit 96 Rxns
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