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TRUPCR® Leptospira Detection Kit

The TRUPCR® Leptospira Detection Kit is a qualitative real time PCR kit that amplifies and detects Leptospira spp. in whole blood, serum or urine. Leptospirosis is a widely distributed zoonosis which is most common in tropical and subtropical regions and has the greatest impact on public health in developing countries. The TRUPCR® Leptospira Detection Kit is based on amplification of conserved region by primer and probes specific for Leptospira spp. The detection is achieved using fluorescent probes labelled with HEX and Tex Red. In this kit there are two independent reactions running in parallel in single tube: the first detects Leptospira spp. (HEX channel), and internal control (IC) DNA (Tex Red) which allows excluding unreliable results.

Key Features:

  • Higher sensitivity and specificity.
  • Extensively validated on Indian clinical samples.
  • Internalcontrol included to avoid false-negative results.
  • Rapid, more reliable, comprehensive and cost-effective tests.
  • Easy work flow & compatible with various Real Time PCR instruments.

Ordering Information:

3B249 TRUPCR® Leptospira Detection Kit 48Rxns
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