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TRUPCR® CMV Detection Kit

TRUPCR® CMV Kit is an in-vitro nucleic acid amplification assay for the detection of cytomegalovirus (CMV) specific DNA in human plasma samples using real time PCR. The kit is based on amplification of highly conserved region of the CMV genome. In this kit there are two independent reactions running in parallel in each tube: the first detects CMV in FAM channel and second detects internal control (IC) DNA in Texas Red channel which allows excluding unreliable results.

TRUPCR® CMV Kit offers advantage of the "hot-start" technology, minimizing nonspecific reactions and assuring maximum sensitivity.

Key Features:

  • Tracability to 1st WHO International standard for CMV for Nucleic acid amplification techniques (NIBSC code 09/162).
  • Higher sensitivity and specificity compared with other diagnostic methods such as serological assays and culture methods.
  • No cross- reactivity with other pathogenic virus, bacteria or fungi.
  • Internal control included in the kit.
  • Rapid, more reliable and extremely accurate tests.
  • Easy work flow & compatible with various Real Time PCR instruments.

Ordering Information:

3B245 TRUPCR® CMV Detection Kit 48 Rxn
3B246 TRUPCR® CMV Detection Kit 96 Rxn
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