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TRUPCR® EBV Virus Detection Kit

The Epstein–Barr virus (EBV), also called human herpesvirus 4 (HHV-4), is one of eight known human herpes virus types in the herpes family, and is one of the most common viruses in humans. EBV is found all over the world. Most people get infected with EBV at some point in their lives. EBV spreads most commonly through bodily fluids, primarily saliva. EBV can cause infectious mononucleosis, also called mono, and other illnesses.
An illness associated with fever, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, and some times an enlarged spleen. It is also known as human herpesvirus 4. Although EBV can cause mononucleosis, not everyone infected with the virus will get mononucleosis. White blood cells called B cells are the primary targets of EBV infection.
During TRUPCR® PCR, forward and reverse primers hybridize to a specific sequence product. A probe, which is contained in the same reaction mixture and which consists of an oligonucleotide labeled with a 5'-reporter dye and a downstream, 3'-quencher dye, hybridizes to a target sequence with in the PCR product. A Taq polymerase which possesses 5' - 3' exonuclease activity cleaves the probe. The reporter dye and quencher dye are separated upon cleavage, resulting in an increase in fluorescence for the reporter. Thus, the increase in fluorescence is directly proportional to the target amplification during PCR

Key Features:

  • Dual target allows highly sensitive & qualitative detection of EBV.
  • The sensitivity of the test is 100 IU/ml.
  • Easy workflow with ready-to-use reagents.
  • Simple reaction setup and data interpretation, no special personnel training required.
  • All inclusive test: includes cDNA reagents and Real Time PCR reagents with Internal Control.
  • This assay can be done with routine molecular lab set-up and compatible with Applied Biosystems 7300 / 7500 Real-Time PCR System, AriaMx Real-Time PCR System, CFX Connect™ / CFX96™ / Dx Real-Time PCR Detection System, QuantStudio™ 3 and 5 Real-Time PCR System, Rotor-Gene Q, StepOne™ / StepOnePlus™ Real-Time PCR System.

Ordering Information:

3B283 TRUPCR® EBV Detection kit 48 Rxn
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