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3B BlackBio launches 3B BIOTUB MTB/ NTM qPCR Kit to detect and differentiate infections of M. tuberculosis with Non- Tuberculous Mycobacterium (NTM) infections.
The frequency of infections from non- tuberculous mycobacterium (NTM) is reportedly on the rise in India. NTM, also known as Mycobacteria other than tuberculosis, most of NTMs cause infections that do not respond to conventional anti-tuberculosis treatment and are misdiagnosed as an infection with drug resistant strains of M. tuberculosis due to lack of differentiation. Thus 3B BlackBio developed a Real time PCR method for detection and differentiation of M. tuberculosis with NTM.
The incidence/ prevalence of NTM infections/disease are not easy to determine. This is because- :
  • Not all NTMs are pathogenic and not all pathogenic NTMs cause disease (colonization, infection or contamination)
  • Occur in people with underlying lung pathology and/ or immunosuppression and can be underdiagnosed
  • Diagnosis of NTM in specimen not available in resource- limited settings
  • Co-infection with MTB can occur
  • Most NTM are resistant to standard TB drugs.
  • NTM can be misdiagnosed as MDR-TB but should not be treated as MDR-TB
  • Treatment required is often long term (18-24 months) and not without side effects
Also Infection with NTM creates confusion with Drug resistance MTB as it does not respond to normal TB drug regime thereby necessitating proper diagnosis. Looking into this fact 3B Black Bio designed BIOTUB MTB/NTM Kit.
3B BIOTUB MTB/ NTM Kit is designed for the simultaneous and independent detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) and Non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) DNA from clinical samples. PCR diagnosis of tuberculosis has a fast time-to-result and increased specificity and sensitivity and would be useful to diagnose appropriately and treat patients with diseases by either MTB or NTM infection.
  • A single PCR can differentiate MTB and NTM.
  • Sensitivity and specificity is high.
  • Accuracy for interpretation of results is best due to Internal Control and Positive Control.
  • HotStart PCR system : ultra high specific & sensitive result
  • Easy-to-use master mix: just adding template and primers
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