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Factor ll PCR Kit

TRUPCR® Factor II Qualitative Kit

Prothrombin 20210 Mutation, also called Factor II Mutation is a genetic condition that causes an increase in the likelihood of your blood forming dangerous blood clots. All individuals make the prothrombin (also called factor two) protein that helps blood clot. However, there are certain individuals who have a DNA mutation in the gene used to make prothrombin (also called prothrombin G20210A or the factor II (two) mutation). They are said to have an inherited thrombophilia (clotting disorder) called prothrombin G20210A. When this occurs, they make too much of the prothrombin protein. TRUPCR® Kit method consists amplification and detection of the target sequence using allele specific fluorophore labelled probes. The target sequence is the single nucleotide guanine/adenine polymorphism in site 20210 (G20210A). Presence of wild-type allele (G20210G) is detected in the FAM fluorescent channel and mutant allele (A20210A) in the HEX fluorescent channel. In case of heterozygous genotype (G20210A) a signal is detected in both channels. Detection kit contains Ready to Use MasterMix and takes advantage of the"hot start" technology, minimizing non-specific reactions and assuring maximum sensitivity. Kit is designed for in vitro diagnostics.

  • Factor ll PCR Kit

Key Features:

  • Rapid and extremely accurate tests.
  • Based on allele discrimination its More reliable and highly reproducible assay.
  • Higher sensitivity (2% Mutant allele in background of 98% WT allele) and specificity.
  • Amplification of wild type allele to check DNA Quality and Quantity.
  • Easy work flow & compatible with Applied Biosystems 7300 / 7500 Real-Time PCR System, AriaMx Real-Time PCR System, CFX Connect™ / CFX96™ / Dx Real-Time PCR Detection System, QuantStudio™ 3 and 5 Real-Time PCR System, Rotor-Gene Q, StepOne™ / StepOnePlus™ Real-Time PCR System.

Ordering Information:

3B1301/3B1302 TRUPCR® Factor II QUALITATIVE KIT 48/96 Rxn
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