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Tissue DNA Extraction Kit

TRUPCR® Tissue DNA Extraction Kit

TRUPCR® Tissue DNA Extraction Kit is designed with a simple procedure for the isolation and purification of total DNA (e.g., genomic and pathogen) from a variety of samples including animal tissues, cells, blood or bacteria. TRUPCR Tissue DNA Extraction Kit provides simplified and fast protocol for the extraction of DNA from different variety of sample sources. TRUPCR Tissue DNA Extraction Kit is based on the advanced silica binding technology.
The DNA extraction procedure includes 4 steps:

Enzymatic Lysis- Lysis of the tissue or bacterial cell wall by the use of Proteinase K and unique buffer system and release of DNA.
Binding- Adsorption of the DNA on to the membrane.
Washing- Removal of residual contaminants.
Elution- Elution of pure genomic DNA.

Key Features:

  • One standardized method for variety of sample sources.
  • Eliminates the use of hazardous organic compounds.
  • High binding capacity of the column provides consistent and high yield of purified total DNA.
  • Complete removal of contaminants and PCR inhibitors by specific washing steps.


Technology Silica Column
Sample Type Tissue and Bacterial cultures
Application PCR and Real Time PCR
Elution Volume 30-50 µl
Processing Manual (Centrifugation)
Compatible with TRUPCR® HPV 16/18 Kit and TRUPCR® Leptospira Detection Kit,
Time per preparation 45-90 mins

Ordering Information:

3B207 TRUPCR® Tissue DNA Extraction Kit 50 Rxn
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