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BCR ABL Quantitative PCR Kit


Test Overview

TRUPCR® BCR-ABL QT kit is a RT-qPCR test for the quantitative detection of BCR-ABL fusion transcripts in bone marrow or peripheral blood samples. The kit provides an advantage by detecting, differentiating and quantifying all the three break point cluster regions i.e. major/P210 (M-bcr), minor/P190 (m-bcr) and micro/P230 (mu-bcr) in separate tubes, making it one of the most unique and comprehensive solution currently available.

Principle and Procedure:

It is a two-step protocol in which total RNA from patient’s peripheral blood or bone marrow is isolated, the RT enzyme reverse transcribes total RNA and yields single-stranded cDNA. This is followed with real-time quantitative PCR amplification and quantification of BCR-ABL fusion transcripts and the ABL transcript. Three independent RT-qPCR reactions are performed to detect all the known fusion transcripts in separate tubes to differentiate, quantitate and report individual transcripts.

  • BCR ABL Quantitative PCR Kit

Key Features:

  • The kit is calibrated to report on International Scale using First WHO International Genetic Reference Panel for quantitation of BCR-ABL1 translocation by RQ-PCR (NIBSC code: 09/138) for harmonization of results among laboratories.
  • The measuring standards of the kit are calibrated to European reference material ERM-AD623a-f, produced and certified under the responsibility of the Institute for Reference Materials and measurements of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre.
  • The kit allows highly sensitive deep molecular response reporting based on European Treatment and Outcome Study (EUTOS) guidelines.
  • Detection, differentiation and quantification of all three Major, Minor and Micro transcripts.
  • All inclusive kit: The Assay includes cDNA preparation components and all the PCR components including PCR Pre-mix / mastermix for optimized results. No need to standardize your own cDNA prep which may lead to variability in the results.

Ordering Information:

3B1267 TRUPCR® BCR-ABL Quantitative Kit – Major, Minor & Micro 48Reactions
3B1268 TRUPCR® BCR-ABL Quantitative Kit – Major, Minor & Micro 96Reactions
3B1253 TRUPCR® BCR-ABL Quantitative Kit– Major & Minor 48Reactions
3B1254 TRUPCR® BCR-ABL Quantitative Kit– Major & Minor 96Reactions
3B1251 TRUPCR® BCR-ABL Quantitative Kit– Major 48Reactions
3B1252 TRUPCR® BCR-ABL Quantitative Kit – Major 96Reactions
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