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Blood DNA Extraction

TRUPCR® Blood DNA Extraction Kit is designed for the extraction and purification of genomic DNA from fresh, frozen and anticoagulated whole blood. TRUPCR® Blood DNA Extraction Kit provides silica-membrane-based DNA extraction and purification.
The Blood DNA extraction procedure includes 3 steps:

Lysis- Lysis of the cell and release of DNA.
Binding- Adsorption of the DNA on to the membrane.
Washing- Removal of residual contaminants.
Elution- Elution of pure genomic DNA.

Key Features:

  • Based on Silica column technology, reduces the hands on procedure time.
  • No organic extraction.
  • High binding capacity of the column provides high yield of purified DNA.
  • Complete removal of contaminants and PCR inhibitors.


Technology Silica Column
Sample Type Whole Blood
Application PCR ,Real Time PCR and NGS
Elution Volume 40-50 µl
Processing Manual (Centrifugation)
Yield 1-10 µg
Compatible with TRUPCR® HLA B-27 Kit, TRUPCR® JAK2 Kit, TRUPCR® Thrombophilia Panel Kit
Time per preparation 45 min

Ordering Information:

3B205 TRUPCR® Blood DNA Extraction Kit 50/100 Rxn
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