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TRUPCR® Leptospira Detection Kit

The TRUPCR® Leptospira Detection Kit is an in vitro diagnostic test, based on real time PCR technology, for the qualitative detection of Leptospira spp. specific DNA from clinical samples.

The TRUPCR® Leptospira Detection Kit is based on amplification of conserved region for Leptospira spp. In this kit there are two independent reactions are running in parallel in single tube, the first detects Leptospira spp. in HEX/Yellow channel and second detects Internal Control (IC) in TexRed/Orange channel which allows excluding unreliable results.

Key Features:

  • Takes advantage of the "hot start" technology to minimizing non-specific reactions and assuring maximum sensitivity & specificity.
  • Dual target for Rapid and accurate detection of Leptospira spp.
  • Extensively validated.
  • Internal control included to avoid false-negative results.
  • Rapid, more reliable, comprehensive and cost-effective tests.
  • Easy work flow & compatible with various Real Time PCR instruments.

Ordering Information:

3B249 TRUPCR® Leptospira Detection Kit 48Reactions
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