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MTB Extraction

TRUPCR® MTB DNA Extraction Kit is intended for the extraction and purification of DNA from M.tuberculosis spp. in human samples (sputum, BAL, PUS, tissues and other body fluids).
TRUPCR® MTB DNA Extraction Kit is based on the advanced silica binding technology. The DNA extraction procedure includes 4 steps:

Heat Lysis- Lysis of the bacterial cell wall at high temperature and release of DNA.
Binding- Adsorption of the DNA on to the membrane.
Washing- Removal of residual contaminants.
Elution- Elution of pure genomic DNA.

Key Features:

  • Based on Silica column technology, reduces the hands on procedure time.
  • TRUPCR® MTB DNA Extraction kit is validated on all clinical specimens including sputum, PUS, BAL, tissue, CSF and other body fluids.
  • Phenol chloroform free method.
  • High binding capacity of the column provides high yield of purified DNA.


Technology Silica Column
Sample Type Sputum, Pus, BAL, Tissue, Urine, Body fluids and tissue
Application PCR and Real Time PCR
Elution Volume 40-50 µl
Compatible with TRUPCR® MTBC Onestep Nested kit and TRUPCR® Rifampicin Resistance MTB Detection Kit
Processing Manual (Centrifugation)

Ordering Information:

3B268E TRUPCR MTB DNA Extraction Kit 50/100 Rxn
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