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KRAS Mutation Kit


The TRUPCR® KRAS PCR Kit (K-RAS Kit) is an in vitro diagnostic test intended for the qualitative detection of KRAS somatic mutations in the genomic DNA extracted from fresh, frozen or formalin fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue. The TRUPCR® KRAS PCR Kit is based on allele specific amplification and is achieved by ARMS PCR. Taq DNA polymerase is extremely effective at distinguishing between a match and a mismatch at the 3’-end of a PCR primer. The kit is designed to selectively amplify mutant specific sequences in samples that contain a mixture of wild-type and mutated DNA. The most common mutations are found in codons 12, 13 and 61. The detection is achieved using fluorescent probes labelled with FAM and HEX. The TRUPCR® KRAS PCR Kit is composed of 11 assays for the detection of the KRAS mutations and a reference control gene of KRAS region without any known polymorphism / mutation.

  • KRAS Mutation Kit

Key Features:

  • Selective Amplification of DNA containing mutation with ARMS Technology.
  • Sensitive to detect up to 1% mutation in KRAS gene.
  • Detects 22 different mutations in a single run.
  • Extraction control included to avoid false-negative results.
  • Rapid, more reliable, comprehensive and cost effective tests.
  • Easy work flow & compatible with various Real Time PCR instruments.

KRAS Detectable mutations:

2 12 G12C c.34G>T
G12S c.34G>A
G12R c.34G>C
G12V c.35G>T
G12D c.35G>A
G12A c.35G>C
2 13 G13D c.38G>A
3 59 A59T c.175G>A
A59E c.176 C>A
A59G c. 176 C>G
3 61 Q61K c.181C>A
Q61L c.182A>T
Q61R c.182A>G
Q61H c.183A>T
Q61H c.183A>C
4 117 K117E c.349A>G
K117R c.350A>G
K117N c.351A>C
K117N c.351A>T
4 146 A146T c.436G>A
A146P c.436G>C
A146V c.437C>T

This kit can become useful in suggesting that all patients to be administered anti-EGFR monoclonal antibody therapy, should first be screened for KRAS mutations.

Ordering Information:

1261 TRUPCR® KRAS Mutation Kit 48Rxn
1262 TRUPCR® KRAS Mutation Kit 96Rxn
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