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TRUPCR® Chikungunya Detection Kit

TRUPCR® Chikungunya Real Time PCR kit is an in-vitro nucleic acid amplification assay for the qualitative detection of Chikungunya RNA in human serum or plasma (EDTA) from Chikungunya-infected individual specimens using Real Time PCR system. The kit is based on amplification of highly conserved region of the Chikungunya genome. In this kit, Chikungunya presence is indicated by the amplification in FAM channel and an Internal Control (IC) in Texas Red Channel. It is a one-step real time reverse transcription PCR assay in which RNA templates are first reverse transcribed to generate complementary cDNA strands followed by DNA polymerase-mediated cDNA amplification.

Key Features:

  • One-step detection using RNA, hence rapid and extremely accurate tests.
  • Well validated across large number of clinical samples to yield reliable results.
  • Higher specificity with detection of all clinically reported Chikungunya genotypes.
  • Higher sensitivity to detect low viral load in the sample.
  • No cross- reactivity with other pathogenic virus, bacteria or fungi.
  • Endogenous internal control incorporated in the kit to keep a check on PCR as well as extraction.
  • Easy work flow & compatible with various Real Time PCR instruments allowing higher adaptibility.

This kit can become useful to detect infection prior to clinical symptoms, improving options for management; test patients during treatment to measure the effectiveness of treatment; and test after treatment to monitor for relapse.

Ordering Information:

3B1240 TRUPCR® Chikungunya Detection Kit 48 Rxn
3B1241 TRUPCR® Chikungunya Detection Kit 96 Rxn
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