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TRUPCR® MGMT Methylation Detection Kit

Test Overview

The TRUPCR® MGMT Methylation Detection Kit is intended to detect methylation of the O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase (MGMT) gene promoter which predicts its response to alkylating agent (TMZ) in patients with glioblastoma. This kit is based on Methylation-specific real time polymerase chain reaction (qMSPCR).

The TRUPCR® MGMT Methylation Detection Kit works by amplifying the MGMT promoter regions after bisulfite treatment of DNA to determine the methylation status of the MGMT promoter. The detection is achieved using fluorescent probes labelled with FAM and HEX. The endogenous internal control is added to check the quality of bisulfite treated DNA for the detection of the MGMT Promoter methylation and unmethylation.

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Key Features:

  • First commercial Real time PCR assay to detect methylation status of MGMT promoter
  • Selective Amplification of methylated and unmethylated alleles of MGMT promoter
  • Endogenous internal control included to avoid false-negative results
  • Easy work flow & compatible with various Real Time PCR instruments
  • Higher sensitivity and specificity with easy workflow and quick analysis
  • Rapid, more reliable, comprehensive and cost-effective tests
  • Compatible with various real time PCR instruments

Ordering Information:

3B1339 TRUPCR® MGMT Methylation Detection Kit 24 Reactions
3B1340 TRUPCR® MGMT Methylation Detection Kit 48 Reactions
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